Drocella’s Daughter: Wings to Fly. SOLD

Isn’t serendipity amazing?!!

A friend recently came to visit our house after meeting for lunch with my wife Carol. She’d never been to our house before, so we gave her the standard tour, and she saw the artwork in my studio. She liked it so much she commissioned a piece for her daughter Svetlana, who was soon to graduate from UT.

I was thrilled! I asked her about the colors she wanted for the piece. She said that UT’s colors of orange and gray would be nice. And she loved the warm aqua blues of our kitchen. So I decided that turquoise had to be in there somewhere.

She’d commissioned a 6-inch diameter mirror, but when I got started designing the gift, I realized it needed to be an 8-inch piece. And bumping up the size a little bit seemed like a nice bonus that just felt right to me.

So I had my elements and my design, but what I ended up adding at the very last — I love when this happens! — was a book cover pattern that suggests feathers. What a wonderful metaphor for the graduate’s spot in life right now! She has the educational foundation to take wing and soar wherever her spirit leads her!

Congrats and continued blessings to Svetlana!


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