Floral Rays. $150.

THIS JUST IN: I’m honored to be an Ann and Steve Bailey Opportunity Grants award recipient! The funds will go toward the purchase of a digital cutting machine that will revolutionize my process and increase my output. Stay tuned! #psyched #bookart

Many thanks go to Liza Zenni, Suzanne Cada, and the Arts and Culture Alliance for driving the Bailey Grant train! From the ACA website:

“The Arts & Culture Alliance announces Ann and Steve Bailey Opportunity Grants, a new funding program through the Arts & Heritage Fund. Distributed through the Arts & Culture Alliance, Bailey Opportunity Grants provide financial and technical support to individual artists and small, professionally-oriented arts and culture organizations (whose budget is under $100,000). The grants are designed to spur continued artistic and administrative growth in innovative, entrepreneurial artists and organizations at any stage in their development.”


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