Golden Sunset. $75.

"Golden Sunset" by artist Emily Shane

“Golden Sunset” came about as a result of meeting with master woodworker Stan Fronczek, who agreed to mentor me with some improvements in my process. Among other things, Stan introduced me to the French curve, and this is my first piece to utilize the handy template, which cost me a grand total of $4.09 on Amazon.

I wanted to revisit using the SPINES of the #RDCB covers, and I already had a gold frame to set off the pretty gold in the spines’ design. I had envisioned a kind of landscape/sunset scene, but I wanted nice smooth curves to indicate some stylized hills and valleys. The French curve did the trick. The hardest part was gluing all the stacked components together on their separate pieces of paper — but only long enough to cut along the curved line. Then I had to detach the layers to fit together onto one plane. I only had one chance to get the cut right! But the fates were with me that day, and here’s the result. 8″ x 14.5″


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