Waterview. SOLD

"Waterview" by artist Emily Shane

20″x 20″ “Waterview” has been a long time coming. It was commissioned back in February, and by the time I had ordered the framing supplies, my source would be shut down for @ 10 weeks due to the pandemic. But I needn’t have worried, since the creation of the piece itself turned out to take nearly that long!

I had to create a work that would hang in the front waiting room/lobby of an office. I based it on a combination of the designs of 2-3 other pieces that my customer took a fancy to. And of course I knew the size of the space she wanted it to hang, so I felt a 20″ x 20″ piece would be perfect.

She had said that she liked the incorporation of the spines of books, which give off a wonderful reflective sheen when you look at it just right. Then it had to include — but not overpower with — some bold, cardinal red. The colors radiating from the center picked up the gold of the existing furniture. And I wanted a piece that would look good from up to 8 feet away, but also to someone standing right in front of it. I think I succeeded with these parameters, and my customer is very happy too!

The most difficult creative decision was what to fill the center square with. I decided that water would be a lovely element, both thematically and color-wise, to set off the rays coming out from the center.

Sometimes things like delays and false starts turn out to be just what I need!


“Waterview” by Emily Shane



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