“My current artwork encompasses both mixed-media pieces and photography. Reader’s Digest Condensed Book covers are the materials for my mixed-media assemblages. I’m inspired by their vintage look and texture, rich colors, engaging patterns, and surprising beauty — all of which are usually hidden under dust covers!

“Now fading from the American gestalt, RDCBs speak to the baby-boomer generation as a bygone slice of middle-class life that will never return.”  –Emily Shane

bioArtist Emily Shane

Emily Shane graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with a split major in music & filmmaking.  For many years she composed and performed original pop music in and around New York City venues, including the famed birthplace of punk, CBGB.

Since moving to Knoxville, Tennessee, Shane’s artistic journey has taken a distinctly visual turn.  Influenced by films, pop/op art, textile design, photography, and the natural world, she works with found objects and paper ephemera to create large- and small-scale abstract works.

Influences include Bridget Riley, Andy Goldsworthy, Andy Warhol, Louise Nevelson, Saul Bass, Ellsworth Kelly, and Mark Grotjahn.  Her work reflects interest in light/shadow, weight/air, and stasis/movement – especially as they inform the perception of depth. By exploring the interplay of color, pattern, and shape, Shane creates a narrative of personal beauty in the perfection of symmetry and equilibrium.

Shane is happily challenged by Readers Digest Condensed Book covers as a medium both compelling in its limitation for the artist and vaguely nostalgic for the viewer.