Black Keys. $300.

The journey has begun! My first completed piece utilizing the new die cutting machine is called — what else? — “Black Keys.” The artwork field is  @ 7″ x 7.5″, with an interior 3.5″-diameter circle. Like a lot of my work, making it happen posed unique procedural challenges once I had the design in mind.Continue reading “Black Keys. $300.”

Green Stripes Wooden Box. $50.

Here’s a nice wooden box to put things in. It was originally a whiskey box. Now it’s for whatever your spirit says needs keeping. How about all those business cards you’ve collected, plus your old driver’s licenses and expired credit cards? How about marbles? How about feathers? Leaves? Hickory nuts? Pipe tobacco? Hey – it’sContinue reading “Green Stripes Wooden Box. $50.”

Red Gate. SOLD

“Red Gate” by artist Emily Shane, 16″ x 21 1/4″ Sometimes it feels good to get back to the basics of why I started working in this medium. Clean, clearly delineated lines. Symmetry. POP! Ahhhh.

RDCB Cover of the Week for 04.11.2016

I call this #RDCB cover of the week for 4/11/16 “Dr. Seuss Fawn” because the flowers remind me of the Trufulla trees in “The Lorax” and there’s the cutest little fawn looking out at us, too. Is it Bambi? Could be. At any rate, this cover figures prominently in my “Secretarial Pool” piece currently inContinue reading “RDCB Cover of the Week for 04.11.2016”

RDCB Cover of the Week for 03.14.2016

I’m using this #RDCB Cover of the Week that I call “Spooky Scribbles” in my latest fine art project, working title of which is “Secretarial Pool.” For this 3-D piece, I venture more into the “Found Object Assemblage” area than I’ve ever gone before. And it’s delving a bit into the political — another firstContinue reading “RDCB Cover of the Week for 03.14.2016”

RDCB Cover of the Week for 03.07.2016

I call this #RDCB cover “Mod Palms.” It’s Carol’s favorite! For me, it brings to mind a Mexican street scene or carnival. Maybe there’s a little traveling circus in town. So festive! It’s one of the “vertical” covers, meaning the design is representative and runs vertically on the bookboard. But that doesn’t mean I feelContinue reading “RDCB Cover of the Week for 03.07.2016”

Snakeskin. $175.

  My first attempt at using spines of #RDCB Reader’s Digest Condensed Books. They’re beautiful too! These reminded me of scales on a snake. Someone else said bamboo stalks.